Thursday, November 17, 2005

This is the issue with my interview in it. The bass I am holding is my Vigier Passion . I broke it shortly after this photo was taken by Bob Thacker. I jumped on it at King Tut's in Glasgow at the end of the Spear of Destiny gig. It is now back with Vigier in France being repaired and repainted. It will be Ferrarri red on it's return, with a hint of Orange. I will be on tour in England with Spear of Destiny for 11 days starting on the 23rd of this month (November), starting in London on the 24th at the Academy,Islington.


Blogger Thomas said...

Hi Derek,
I have been an admirer of your bass playing since I first heard your music back in '81. I wanted to ask you about Vigier Passion Bass as one doesn't see too many of them around. Is it your primary bass? How do you like its playability & how do you feel it compares to the other basses you have used?
Keep the basslines coming & we hope to see you in NA some time soon.

5:34 pm  
Blogger Barry Beatmaster said...

Another bass player here,

enjoyed the Guitar & Bass interview lots,

any plans to do an interview with Bass Player or Bass Guitar Magazine?

Bass Guitar Magazine (the UK one) did an interview with Eddie Duffy, and put a pic of Mick & Mel (from the waterfront shoot?) on the cover!

3:16 pm  

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