Monday, November 21, 2005


I've received a load of requests for AFGM to play gigs in Europe. If anyone has contact with promoters or agents who would be interested in bringing us over to their countries, please let us know . It would be great to tour Europe with Mick again, let alone the rest of the band. The photograph shown here was taken in a park near Euston Station in London, and I was suffering from a serious hangover.


Blogger Joelle said...

Very interesting indeed!!!

What about Paris ???

10:59 am  
Blogger Derek Forbes said...

we'd love to do Paris. Did you know that our Drummer 'Smiley' and guitarist Steve are both members of ARCHIVE who are huge in France? They played a duet with Patti Smith about three weeks ago in Paris, and they also played to 100,000 people in France round about the same time. I think we should listen to offers for France

4:22 pm  
Blogger Joelle said...

Hello Derek!

I know that Patti Smith recently played in Paris but I have to confess my ignorance about ARCHIVE...

Me = Just another "stupid" regular rock music fan, I suppose... no Scottish bands involved of course!!! (Just kidding!).

But it would be really great if AFGM could check the Paris/France opportunities.
I don't think that you've been playing there for a while now...

1:12 pm  
Blogger Erwin said...

Hi Derek,

don't know promoters but i know that the Paradiso in Amsterdam does organise the gigs themselfs maybe if you contact them they can do something.

Me and a friend contacted simple minds management for a charity gig we wanted to organise but no response.
If you guys are up for it and don't ask too much money maybe you can do it ?
We wanted to doi it for :


1:43 pm  
Blogger paola said...

Hi Derek !
also Italy is a lovely place to play !!!
U've been near my hometown in 1998 ...Trieste gig
but the best venue in north Italy is Arena di Verona!
Anyway if U need a place on the sea , I suggest Grado ( also a very famous italian singer, called Vasco Rossi played his number 0 - 2005 gig , here)... the place where I live ;-)
sun , beach, good italian food !
so that think about it!
the promoter was:

ciao from Italy

Paola aka bellatrix

12:37 pm  
Blogger Rob said...

Hi Derek,

In Holland, there is a festival called Bospop. This year on july 8/9. Roxy Music, Simply Red and....Simple Minds are a few bands that will play this year, amongst many others. The festival is a mix of older and newer bands. It IS a festival where AFGM would fit (just don't play SM songs thi year ;-)) ).
Look at (also in english), and you'll be convinced i hope.



2:25 pm  
Blogger Olaf said...

Hi Derek,

didn't you get/read my eMail
regarding AFGM bookings 2006?
Mailed to you on 23rd Nov; co-
pied sent on 5th Dec. and 26th

Best, Olaf

7:32 pm  

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