Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Me and Peter Gabriel backstage at the Massey Hall in Toronto. This was just before I went onstage with Simple Minds. Peter was a good friend to the band. I saw Peter frequently after leaving the band. When I worked at 'Tears for Fears' studio,(The Woolhall, in Beckington, near Bath) , with Propaganda. Michael Mertens, Betsi Miller and I would make visits to Peter's studio (Real World), in Box, near Bath. It's a fantastic place. It has a trout filled river running under a glass floor in the Drum recording room. He was anothe huge influence on me. The album, 'Foxtrot' by Genesis, was almost worn out on my turntable at home. Needless to say, Jim and Charlie were also big fans of Peter. We toured with him all over Europe in the early eighties, and also appeared onstage with him a few times on the tour.


Blogger Álex Vidal said...

Gods be good, how I would have loved to see Peter Gabriel and Simple Minds on the same show!!

Errr... I think I was... 9 years old when you played with PG in Badalona. Maybe they would not let me in :)

3:32 pm  
Blogger Lastgirlstanding said...

Great photo there, Derek. I have only managed to catch Peter Gabriel twice, at Torhout and Werchter in July 1983, when you were on the same bill with various others. Hopefully I will get the chance to see him again - top bloke!

3:34 pm  
Blogger Derek Forbes said...

Alex I think I was 9 as well....!!!!!

Lastgirlstanding, I remember that gig well. I met David Johansen,(aka Buster Poindexter), from the New York Dolls. He was walking around singing "I'm in the mood for food....simply because I'm hungry...funny, 'cos when i'm hungry...I'm in the mood for food".

Another all time hero of mine. Just check out any early Minds photo's of me!!!

6:39 pm  
Blogger queen_of_the_mountain said...

I would love to see a pic of you when you were 9.


I wasn't even PLANNED then!!

8:14 pm  
Blogger Spearbabe said...

Derek, stop telling fib's... 9?!!
I think's your a little older than myself :)

8:19 pm  
Blogger Spearbabe said...

Or maybe alot! :))

8:19 pm  
Blogger Derek Forbes said...

I'm walking backwards. Does that make me younger?


9:44 pm  
Blogger Lastgirlstanding said...

Going back, back, backwards at Thirty Frames A Second?..sorry, just having a retro moment there..

10:03 pm  
Blogger Spearbabe said...

Go back to father, father where's my food, your food is on the table, that can't be food it's dirt!

just joining in :)

10:01 am  
Blogger Álex Vidal said...

Reading this blog is like opening a book of brilliant things ;)

8:22 am  
Blogger purple waltz said...

I'm very big fan of Peters music and the man!
Picture looks really great!

9:41 pm  
Blogger Rute Ventura said...

simple minds and peter gabriel played in portugal in the early eighties, i wish i could have seen it, but i wasn't even born :P
do you remember playing in cascais derek? **

11:49 pm  
Blogger Derek Forbes said...

I played in the indoor sports arena in Cascais with Propaganda also.So, that was twice, both times with Brian McGee. I love Cascais, I love Portugal as a matter of fact. The first time I went there was 1970 on a school cruise. We docked in Lisbon. All Right Now was in the charts at that time. Great days.

6:23 pm  

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