Friday, February 01, 2008

Can't wait to get the band out to Dublin. I had such a great time when I was there with Spear of Destiny. I think I swapped my blood for Guiness.


Blogger john said...

Derek what kind of laptop was that mate you were buying today in pc world? you might have got a good spec one mate hehehehehe £399 indeed, was going to come over and have a few words but you were busy,next time....Keep the good work up mate...

8:51 pm  
Blogger Sting Ray said...

Hi Derek! I am a Dutch bass player who has recently found your web log. That's great, because I was a great fan of your bass playing with Simple Minds (hope you don't mind raking up the past....).

Could I ask you something about your role with them? These bass parts were too elaborate and dominant to have been added afterwards. They really are basic to the songs. I mean the songs of the songs up to Don’t you forget, because to me the SM ceased to exist with this song.
In short: were the songs written on the basis of your input?

Tot mails.......

11:10 am  
Blogger Billymac said...

Hi Derek,
You wont remember me but we did an acoustic version of " Dont waste my time" at Langside College when we were young boys. Its Billy McLaughlin and I live in Melbourne. I went to see Jim and Charlie when they toured here last year. I dont know how I ended up on your blog but it brought back a lot of memories. Where are you living now? Back in Glasgow? I get back every couple of years and I remember being in L.A in 1983/84 and seeing your names in the theatre on Rodeo Dve but had to leave the day before you got there. Anyway, all the best. Billy

4:45 am  

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