Tuesday, November 22, 2005

On tour with Spear of Destiny tomorrow

check dates on kirkbrandon.com

Monday, November 21, 2005


I've received a load of requests for AFGM to play gigs in Europe. If anyone has contact with promoters or agents who would be interested in bringing us over to their countries, please let us know . It would be great to tour Europe with Mick again, let alone the rest of the band. The photograph shown here was taken in a park near Euston Station in London, and I was suffering from a serious hangover.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

AFGM Kelvin Hall gig

Friday, November 18, 2005

Me on the Peter Gabriel Tour in the early eighties

ORAN MOR tickets are being printed at the moment, so they should be at Ticketmaster by the end of this week coming.
In answer to the post from MIMMO, YES , we would love to play Italy, so let us know what you can do.
We wrote another great song this week. Great stuff from Ian and Bruce. Mick is working on a batch of song ideas at the moment. Hope to have a few ideas from Steve Harris in the near future.
We have confirmed a date for AFGM in Port Patrick on the 23rd of February 2006, we hope to add another date the following day in Belfast. Watch this space.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


we will be playing ORIN MOR on the 27th of December.
The gig is situated at the top of Byres road in the west end of Glasgow.

This is the issue with my interview in it. The bass I am holding is my Vigier Passion . I broke it shortly after this photo was taken by Bob Thacker. I jumped on it at King Tut's in Glasgow at the end of the Spear of Destiny gig. It is now back with Vigier in France being repaired and repainted. It will be Ferrarri red on it's return, with a hint of Orange. I will be on tour in England with Spear of Destiny for 11 days starting on the 23rd of this month (November), starting in London on the 24th at the Academy,Islington.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Hey y'all,
as lots of people have asked the question, "Why did they play that song" regarding Ivory Blacks the other night, I will attempt to enlighten one and all.
1. Waterfront/ Love Song/Someone,Somewhere in Summertime/Belfast Child/Don't You Forget About Me..........I think these are some of the best and most popular Simple Minds songs ever written, and Why Not? And Micks playing of the Squeeze Box is second to none everytime.
2. Real Gone Kid/Dignity..........we were lucky, and honoured enough to have Jim Prime from Deacon Blue tread the boards with us on our very first gig at Glasgow Green. He was on the list to appear at Ivory Blacks as a special guest, but unfortunately couldn't make it. Look out for him in the future.
3. Everybody Wants To Rule The World..........The bass and the drums are Mel Gaynor and Myself, which were sampled from Waterfront. I worked with Ian Stanley, keyboard player with Tears for Fears, and Chris Hughes, drummer with Adam and the Ants/Tears for Fears, and they both produced the second Propaganda album, at the Woolhall Studio in Beckington, near Bath. One day Ian said " oh Derek, forgot to thank you for Everybody wants to rule the world", then told me the story of them sampling Mel and myself from Waterfront.
Need I say more?
4. Chance/In a Big Country/Fields of Fire..........the Bruce Watson fella, legend that he is. This was the first time Fields of Fire has been played since Stuart left us. Also, AFGM are the first band to use the bagpipes on In a Big Country. They were played by Carrie MacNeil, Micks' niece, and what a player she is.
5. Duel..........Taken from my happy days with Propaganda.. This song was a hit in Britain, but was number one in a few European countries. We may add another hit from the Props next gig.
6. I Dream to Sleep..........Huge hit for Ian Donaldson with H2O. Someone even remarked how well Ian sang that H2O song, not realising that it was Ian who sang it in the first place. H2O and Big Country played Top of the Pops together when 'Dream to Sleep' charted.

Your cahance has come if you missed us last time. We are playing at ORIN MOR in BYRES ROAD in GLASGOW on the 27TH of DECEMBER 2005, tickets in advance at usual outlets. We are handing over the AFGM website to a new operator so, be patient with us. We have fantastic footage to show you all, and will have it on the site asap. Check www.afewgoodmen.info often for up to date information. On behalf of Ian,Bruce,Jane,Smiley Mick, Carrie,Steve,Malk and me , Derek have a good Xmas and hope to see you on the 27th at Orin Mor, Glasgow...................A Few Good Men ( and a couple of 'Stoatirs')
Derek 'Big Dan' Forbes

Sunday, November 13, 2005